Meditation Garden

St. Luke’s has done a lot of work to open our Meditation Garden. It is open to everyone daily from Dawn to Dusk. It is a great place to come and reflect, especially by the fountain. We have also worked on a serene walking path that starts and ends at our Meditation Garden.

From the beginning to the end of each of our lives, we are on a journey; a journey to discover who we are and who God is. When Jesus sent 72 followers out to preach the Gospel, he asked them to tell people they met that “the Kingdom of God is near you.”

Start at St. Luke’s Meditation Garden, taking a right onto 2nd Street. Then turn left onto Scammel St. to Muskingum Park. There you can walk along the City Bike Path. You will see a sandstone statue depicting the early pioneers who came by flatboat down the Ohio River, stopping here.  Continue along the Bike Path to the Fort Harmar Bridge. Cross this bridge, taking pause at the overlook areas. At the end of the bridge, walk left down Gilman Avenue. Take a left onto Maple Street. Then cross back over the old Railroad Bridge. As you exit the bridge walkway, turn right and continue down Front Street to the historic Lafayette Hotel. You will pass the fountain and follow the walkway above the boatlanding that continues along the Bike Path. Leave the river bank and walk up 2nd Street to return to St. Luke’s Meditation Garden. Once you return, spend a few moments in quiet, remembering that God made you, sustains you, continually calls you back into a relationship, and loves your endlessly.

We will soon update you with the beautiful meaning behind this walking path as told by Carol C.